Friday, April 11, 2008

OT: Spare the Rod...

Have any of you read this story? It's disturbing. Apparently, eight Polk County, FL teens, ages 14 to 18, were arrested for luring a former friend into a house and beating her senseless. Oh yeah, and while they ganged up on her, they videotaped it. They filmed everything but the two guys standing outside playing look-out. The victim, 17 year old Victoria Lindsay, had apparently badmouthed the girls on Myspace. To seek their revenge, the girls lured her into the Mulberry, FL home she was temporarily living in (which is where the story gets even more twisted) and beat her for 30 minutes so that they could post it on Youtube. That'll teach her!

The beating took place in the home of Mercedes Nichols, one of the attackers. Lindsay had been staying with Nichols for about a week because Lindsay had been having problems with her parents. Nichols' mom, Christina Garcia, has done several interviews since the attack, and claims that her daughter tried to warn Lindsay, and that an adult neighbor heard the warning. But during the 30 minute beating, neither Nichols nor the unidentified adult witness called the police.

This crime is disturbing. It hits close to home for me, because I live in Polk County. My siblings grew up in Mulberry. Oh, and one of the little twits is my cousin's ex-girlfriend (I tried to tell him she was trouble).

All eight were arrested and will be tried as adults. After the girls were arrested, they were LAUGHING ABOUT IT, and joking that they wouldn't be going to the beach for spring break after all. Twisted, very twisted.

I just watched an interview with Lindsay's parents. Lindsay is not in critical condition, but she definitely suffered major damages. She is recovering from a concussion, and has yet to regain hearing or vision on her left side. She also suffered several cuts and bruises. Meanwhile, her parents are blaming the Internet.

"For whatever reason, this Myspace, Youtube... It's gone too far. And what it's doing to our kid's... It's too much," said Talisa Lindsay.

"These websites that are creating a space for violent activity... As far as I am concerned, MySpace is the anti-Christ for children," claimed Patrick Lindsay.

The situation is awful. But is the Internet to blame? Is Myspace the anti-Christ? If so, does that mean I am satanic for having a Myspace account?

I would really like to see someone step up and tell parents everywhere to wake up and smell the freakin' coffee. Do you want to know why your kids are beating the crap out of each other? Because that's how they see you solve problems. Do you want to know why your kids are getting into trouble? Maybe it is because you don't keep decent tabs on them to know what they're doing. Where did these eight sets of parents think their kids were when this happened?

I'm not a parent yet, so it may be unfair for me to toss around these kinds of accusations. But I do know that when I have children, I will know where they are and who they are with, for the most part. And no, I will not spare the rod...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

What Were They Thinking? 4/5/08

I regret to admit that I have been slacking. I have ignored my responsibility to bring you a new, crazy, WWTT tattoo each week. In fact, it has been something like 3 weeks. So to make up for it, I have 3 new goodies for you! I'll start with my personal favorite faux pas.

#1 Elmer Fudd

Okay, the obvious issue with this ink is the gross-factor of the plumber's crack. Or the sillyness of the cartoon character tforever engraved on one's body. But there is something else that really irks me about this tattoo. Remember this post? I get very irked by spelling errors. Especially when they are permanent. It shouldn't be "your," it should be "YOU'RE!" Geez. For the love of ink...

#2 Hogan Knows Best

Hulk Hogan is an icon. And watching his show, Hogan Knows Best, is one of my guilty pleasures. But this fan took it a little too far. Still, I think the Hulk would probably love it! "That's one handsome tat, BROTHER!"

#3 In Terrifying Memory

Oh, man. This is more of a reflection on the tattooist. What were THEY thinking??? This is really one of the worst tattoos I have ever seen. As a tattoo artist, if you can't do portraits, just steer clear of them. I would be really upset if someone butchered my tattoo like this, especially one with such sentiment attached.
Shoulda gone to Kat Von D!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

One More Step in the "Disney-fication" of America the Naive

"You Americans think everything is freakin' Disneyland!"

As I chatted with a friend of mine the other day, we discussed how foreigners view Americans. The above is a quote her Puerto Rican friend used to describe us.

It's so true. In America, we like for things to appear wholesome and pure. Everything has a moral and a purpose-- our purpose. Everything makes sense-- to us. It's one endless stroll through "It's a Small World."

Life is not like a Disney movie. But we Americans are sure trying to make it that way. There are towns across the country based on this philosophy. The one that comes to my mind is called Celebration, a town near Disney World in Osceola County, FL. Their motto is "You've Got To See This Place!" No kidding.

In Annapolis, there are people wanting their own little Celebration. There are certain 'town centers' in the works that have the same wholesome (I use this term loosely) look and feel. The people here want to ban tattoo parlours, among other things.

Mr. Middlebrooks, at the request of the Glen Burnie Town Center
AdvisoryCommittee, introduced a measure last month that would ban new tattoo
parlors, billiard halls, arcades and fortune tellers (psychics, palm or tarot
cardreaders and the like) from the county's three town centers.

Apparently, they want to maintain a wholesome, family-friendly image. But as the author of the article asks, who gets to determine what is or isn't wholesome?

Why aren't tattoo parlours wholesome? Look around. 10 to 1, your teacher, your doctor, your lawyer and the lady sitting next to you in church are all sporting tattoos. It is becoming a huge part of culture, and tattoos are being widely accepted. They aren't just for bikers, sailors and convicts anymore.

"You Americans think everything is freakin' Disneyland!"

Well said.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Meagan's First Tattoo!

Today, the stars aligned. The tattoo starts were finally in our favor.

I was looking forward to the evening from the minute I woke up! I knew that Meagan was getting her tattoo tonight. I knew it was going to be awesome, and I knew you would all be so happy to hear about it (right?!).

5.40pm – I arrive at Peter-Tat-2. I’m really early, but I wasn’t sure how traffic would be during rush hour. I text Meagan, and within minutes, she arrives.

5.46pm – We walk into the tattoo parlor. Meagan is “ready as she’ll ever be.” Tony greets us, and ducks back into the room for some paperwork. He shows Meagan what he has drawn up to make sure she approves. She drew a shamrock with Celtic knotting to show Tony what she wanted. He has simply reworked her design to make it cleaner.

5.47pm – Meagan presents her ID and begins filling out paperwork. She can remember her information, so that’s a good sign she’s not too nervous!

6.02pm – Tony calls us into his room, and Meagan stretches out on the tattoo chair. It has the feel of a dentist’s office. It smells as clean as it did on Thursday, so we’re pretty comfortable with it.

6.04pm – Tony has placed the stencil on Meagan’s back and she’s happy with the placement. To ease her into the tattoo, he begins with just a short piece of the outline. There’s no turning back now, but Meagan doesn’t want to anyway.

6.09pm – The first phase is underway. Tony starts by tracing the outline of the shamrock with a thin black line. Meagan’s taking it like a trooper. She flinches every once in a while, but nothing more. We are even carrying on a conversation without skipping a beat. You would think she was lying out at the pool, not being needled. I am impressed!

6.17pm – The tattoo machine is right at Meagan’s right ear, and she twists her neck a little, wishing she could see what is going on. I have the unfair advantage of watching every step, but at least I am recording it. If all goes as planned, she will be a Youtube celebrity by sunrise.

6.20pm – “You’re finished with the outline,” I told her. “The first part, anyway,” Tony corrected. Oops. Sorry, Meagan. Still no obvious signs of pain, though. Her face is calm for the most part, and her fingers are absently drumming the end of her chair.

6.23pm – Tony is needling away on phase 2 of the outline, a thicker, darker black line around the outside. I am snapping a picture when my screen goes black. Replace Batteries. Uh oh…

6.24pm – I rush out to my car, hoping I can find something to steal 2 AA batteries from. As I approach my car, the alarm goes off for no apparent reason. I’m convinced my car is possessed. I rummage around, steal the batteries from an emergency phone charger, and run back inside.

6.26pm – These batteries don’t work either. Crap.
6.30pm – The owner of the studio peeks in. “Is she still alive,” he asks with a grin. We all giggle a little (but not to much, Meagan doesn’t want in crooked lines permanently etched into her back), and begin discussing female pain tolerance. Not that I’m poking fun at men, but women just seem to deal with pain better. Even the male owner agrees.

6.38pm – The thick outline is almost complete, and Tony will soon begin to color in the shamrock with a bright green ink. In my opinion, coloring is more agitating than the outline, but I decide not to tell Meagan that until after the fact. Judgment call. Meagan is still doing great! She sheds no tears, never screams, and barely winces.

6.42pm – The coloring begins, and I watch Meagan’s face and listen to her voice for hints of pain. None whatsoever. What a trooper!

6.58pm – The color is now finished, and Tony inspects his work to make sure he hasn’t overlooked anything. He seems happy with it, and wipes the tattoo down with Vaseline. It is important to care for tattoos correctly, or else they can dry out or get infected.

7.00pm – Meagan stands up, and admits that her abs are sore from holding her breath. She inspects the tattoo and smiles. It’s over, it looks great, and she’s happy she did it.

7.01pm – Tony tells Meagan how to care for her tattoo, explains that the shop offers a lifetime guarantee, and tells her the tattoo costs $80. Not too bad at all.

7.03pm – After some quick chatter in the parking lot, Meagan and I part ways. I can’t wait to get home and post about the experience.

I love tattoos, and tonight just reminded me of how much. Now I can’t wait for my third… Maybe I’ll live blog my tattoo next!

Thanks to Meagan for letting me tag along, video the process and post about it for the entire Internet world to read!

Also- I am working on the video, in the meantime, here are just a few photos to tease you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Tattoo Stars Are Not In Our Favor... Yet

Okay, I'm very disappointed that I am not sitting down to fill you in on all the details of Meagan's tattoo. I was so pumped about the whole ordeal. I was waiting all day... no, all WEEK!

6:57pm. Meagan and I arrive at the tattoo parlour. She's admittedly more than a little nervous. It's her first tattoo, and fear of the unknown is to be expected. After all, someone will soon be poking her with a tiny needle over and over and ove again. It's a little scary.

7:01pm. We walk into Peter-Tat-2, the studio on US-41 Meagan has chosen. The air is thick with anticipation, excitement, and sterilization. It smells a bit like a hospital. That's generaly a good sign. On a side note, if you ever walk into a tattoo parlour that is not as clean as a doctor's office, get out. Choose another studio that IS clean. This is really important. If your instinct tells you it's not up to par, leave. You can easily contract an infection (or MUCH worse) in an unclean tattoo parlour.

7:03pm. We are greeted by a short guy with at least several dozen tattoos. That makes sense. "Can I help you?" Meagan explains that she wants a tattoo, and hands him the paper with her own personal artwork. "This is what I want."

"Okay. The earliest I can do it will be tomorrow."

What?! But we want it NOW! We have fought anticipation and anxiety. We've been looking forward to this. You can't just copy that baby and slap it on a stencil?!

Apparently not.

7:04pm. We decide Monday evening will work best for both of us. Meagan sets the appointment and we walk out, heads and shoulders drooping in disappointment.

We chat for a moment, then part ways. At least Monday works. Now we just have to wait a few more days...

Bear with me. Monday evening at 6pm, we will be back at Peter-Tat-2. If all goes well, Meagan will get her tattoo then, and I will video it for your viewing pleasure. Check back Monday evening for all the details-- hopefully live!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update: Tonight's Live Blog

I am going to attempt to find a Wifi signal at the tattoo parlour. Fingers crossed, because if I do, I will be able to bring you live updates of Meagan's tattoo.I don't know if I will be able to get any wireless access, but I'm going to try.

If you are interested, you might want to check in around 7:15 tonight. If I haven't posted by then (or 7:30 at the latest), it will not be as live as I had hoped. Either way, it will be posted as soon as possible.

I hope at least some of my readers are anticipating this event as much as I am. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing, and I know Meagan is, too!

Have a great evening, I'll post ASAP!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Were They Thinking?! 3/19/08

Okay, this one pretty much speaks for itself. I don't know why someone would want the mating rituals of mythical creatures inked on their back for all eternity, but the story might possibly begin with, "Wow, I was sooo drunk that night!"

What were they thinking?!

An Invitation To My Readers...

One of the most interesting elements of a tattoo is the story behind it. I love seeing someone's tattoo and asking them to tell me about it. I get strange looks sometimes, but other times I hear some really cool tales.

So I would like to extend an invitation to all of you. Do you have a tattoo? Would you like to tell us the story behind it? Also, if you don't have a tattoo, have you ever considered getting one? If so, what would you get and why?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Coming Soon: Live Tattoo Blog

Have you ever read a live blog? If not, here's a pretty good example, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan. Basically, a live blog chronicles an event by posting an update every few minutes or so.

I am very pleased to announce that Upon A Living Canvas will feature its very first live blog tomorrow.

Meagan has been wanting to get her first tattoo for quite some time now. Thursday evening, she will finally fulfill the wish. I am so excited that Meagan has invited me to tag along, and also agreed to let me live blog and share her experience with my readers.

Unfortunatly, there is no Wifi in the tattoo parlour, but I will take notes, and post the blog as soon as I get home. I had hoped there would be Wifi so I could truly post as it happened, but this will have to do.

Check back Thursday evening for the step by step explanation of Meagan's first tattoo! Maybe even pictures and video...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Update on My Missions...

As I mentioned in my last post, I am on two missions.

So far, I am on my way to fulfilling both.

Mission #1- Post regularly. Well, this is the second day this week.

Mission #2- I'm all set to live blog about someone getting a tattoo. Meagan Mason has graciously agreed to let me tag along for her very first tattoo. How exciting is that?! First tattoos are so much fun, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the experience. It will be a week or so, but bear with me. I hope everyone else is as excited about this as I am!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello, Again. I've Missed You So.

Ok, I convinced myelf I was going to take the week off. I was on vacation, for goodness sakes, I needed to act like it. I tried to limit my time at the computer in favor of time outdoors being active. But I must admit, I've missed blogging.

Now, I have returned, and I am on a mission. Well, two missions, actually.

Mission #1-
I intend to post quite regularly now. My readers should be able to expect some sort of consistency. My goal as of now is to post at least 3 times each week. Wish me luck!

Mission #2-
I'm going to try my hand at live blogging. So, what am I going to live blog about? My first thought was to get a new tattoo and blog about it. However, I just got my latest tattoo two months ago, and I'm not so sure I'm ready for my third. But the live tattoo blog still sticks with me as a pretty cool idea. Some people have no experience in a tattoo shop, and this would be a nifty way to make it very real for them.

So here's the idea. Are any of you (preferably in the Central or Southwest parts of Florida) planning on getting some new ink in the next few weeks? If so, does the thought of me tagging along and recording the whole experience for the entire internet to read excite you?

Would LOVE some feedback on this one...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Were They Thinking? Installment 4

I'll just never understand it. The tattoo is hideous in the first place, and the artwork is just bad. Why would you want that on your body for the rest of your life? Okay, maybe for now its a funny conversation starter between you and the rest of your emo buddies. But what do you tell your kid one day when he's having nightmares about daddy being attacked by his tattoo? What do you do when you decide you need a "real" job? You can't even cover that thing with a turtleneck!
Sigh. I'll just never understand it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Arm Is Ringing, I Have To Take This...

Millions upon millions of people across the world have mobile phones. The cell phone industry is HUGE right now. There is a lot of competition on who has the best cell phone, plan, coverage, etc. on the market. The iPhone pretty much takes the cake (in my opinion, anyway).

However, this is pretty amazing. While it is completely theoretical at the moment, a man named Jim Mielke is working on a cell phone that would be implanted in your arm. Mielke entered his idea in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008. The product is called the Digital Tattoo Interface. When the phone rings, a two-by-four inch tattoo of a phone display and keypad appears on your skin.

Tattoos with a function?! That's pretty awesome. Who wants to bet that if this device comes to fruition, Apple will patent it and sell it for $7,000 dollars?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Were They Thinking? Installment 3

This one speaks for itself. It practically SCREAMS. And yes, that really is a permanent tattoo on his face.

I don't know about you all, but I'm going to have worse nightmares from seeing this picture than from watching the eyeball tattoo video

But Ma, It's Safer Than Going To The Dentist!

That's right. Mothers all over the planet may grimace upon reading this post.

It seems the Center for Disease Control has studied tattoos and their health risks, and the verdict is in.


About Hepatitis:
Of the 13,387 annual cases of hepatitis detailed in the most recent CDC report,
12 are associated with tattoo studios. By comparison, 43 cases -- or better than
300% more -- are associated with dental offices

So in fact, you have a higher risk of contracting Hepatitis at your dentist office than at your tattoo parlour. Wow! Whodathunkit?

Sorry, moms. Looks like you have one less credible excuse why your kid shouldn't get some ink.

Eyeball Tattoo - Real Visual Destruction

In a previous post, the eyeball was mentioned as one of the five most painful places to get a tattoo. Of course, most of us wondered why anyone would tattoo their eyeball anyway.

This is why I love YouTube. If you want a video of someone crazy enough to get a tattoo on their eyeball, you can find it on YouTube.

WARNING: This video is not for the faint of heart. Also, I would probably suggest playing it on MUTE, only because death metal gives me a headache.

Monday, February 18, 2008

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

When I began watching Miami Ink on TLC, I instantly fell in love with the work of Kat Von D-- an artist known for her amazing portrait work. On every show, it seemed there was at least one client who came in to see Kat and get a memorial tattoo. One of my personal favorites was a tattoo of a little girl's face, but it was done in bubbles (its hard to explain, I know). I have searched for the picture, but unfortunately I can't find it. Anyway- the young couple had lost their daughter to terminal illness, and the mother wanted the tattoo to serve as a permanent reminder. It was beautiful, and I will admit to crying while watching the episode.

Moving on. I loved watching Kat create these intricate portraits. It was amazing to see how well the tattoos always turned out, and how closely they always resembled the pictures.

These tattoos are true works of art. Not that I'm downplaying other tattoos. But when an artist can use needles to create almost an exact replica of a photograph, I am very impressed. I decided to include a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

For The Love of Ink, Please Consult a Dictionary First

This post could be considered part of my "What Were They Thinking" series, but with a twist. See, I like to call this one "Why Wasn't He Thinking?" And before I proceed, I will (reluctantly) confess that the topic of discussion here happens to be a family member. So I am allowed to poke fun- and I am extending the same permission to all of you devoted readers. Can I call you all family? I'd really like that.

Anyway- I mentioned in a previous post that you should always do a quick spell check before you get a tattoo. You really don't want the embarassment and/or regret of having a permanent typo on your body. Tattoo machines don't come with erasers or a backspace button.
That being said, carefully examine the picture below. Can you spot the 3 spelling errors?

Freinds. Straind. Surley.
Wow. I cannot stress the importance of double checking your tattoo stencil before the tattoo begins. You don't want to end up in my "What Were They Thinking" series, now do you?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Were They Thinking? Installment 2

Okay, its one thing to permanently alter your own body with something strange. As I have said before, its your body- do as you will. But this person took it just a little too far...

No wonder the dog is missing- she probably ran away!!

No way. I can't accept this one. That's just WRONG! On many levels, too. First, we have the obvious- dogs don't want tattoos. As we've discussed before, tattoos aren't entirely pleasant. Even though the owner claims the dog was under anesthesia at the time, I don't buy the fact that this dog felt absolutely nothing. Once a tattoo is completed, you can't touch it, and it has to scab up and peel off (not attractive at all, my apologies) before it is healed. I highly doubt the dog listened and obeyed when her owner said, "Don't lick your tattoo, puppy. Don't get it dirty. It could get infected." Please. But beyond the physical, the tattoo itself frustrates me even more. Hello KITTY on a DOG??? It would be like Superman tattooing a portrait of Lex Luther on his bicep. Its just disturbing. I bet she gets picked on by all the other dogs at the park.

What were they thinking?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

While doing some tattoo searching this week, I found an article on Newsweek’s website entitled “Five Painful Places to Get a Tattoo.” Hm. This has to be good, I thought to myself. Because in reality, shouldn’t any place on your body be a viable point for this list? Repeatedly poking a needle into your skin is going to be a little on the painful side. The degree of pain depends on the individual. When I got my first tattoo on my foot, people told me I was crazy- that it would hurt so much because the skin was so close to bone. I laughed it off, and my tattoo really wasn’t that bad. To me, it all comes down to the individual’s pain tolerance. If you can stand the pain, one place really shouldn’t differ much from the next.

Anyway, the article was pretty decent. It addressed my first concern by saying, “Being pricked repeatedly with a needle hurts no matter where it's done, but some body spots are more sensitive than others.” Okay, thank you.

The five most sensitive spots they listed were the eyeball, the mons pubis, the top of the foot or ankle, behind the ear, or the chest above your ribcage. Alright, I don’t retract my previous statement, but I have to agree. There is no way you could convince me to tattoo my eyeball or my mons pubis [insert disgusted face and sincerest sympathy for the dedicated tattoo artists who perform these requests]. Still, the thought of pain has yet to be a factor in my tattoo choices, so I think I’ll be alright.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

What Were They Thinking: A Weekly Series...

I love spoting bizarre tattoos. Its a guilty pleasure. I must admit, there are times I seek out strange tattoos just for a good laugh. The sad part is, I have found so much material that "weird tattoos" can be a weekly topic, and I intend to make it a good one.

Since tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday, I started thinking about serious sports fans-- people who are so fanatical about their chosen sports teams or heroes that they would add a permanent souvenir to their body. For the first installment in my What Were They Thinking series, I have included my favorite weird sports tattoos...

This Washington Redskins fan has a list of Hall of Famers since 1932...

Alabama Crimson Tide Fan sporting a memorial to famous former coach Bear Bryant...

This Pittsburgh Steelers fan went with the montage approach...

This Mike Tyson fan found an alternative to "I'll never wash this autograph off my back!"

10 Things I've Learned in a Tattoo Shop...

1. Never piss off someone who is going to stick you with a needle and permanently alter your body. Not a good idea.

2. If you cry while getting your tattoo, they WILL pick on you.

3. Laughing while getting your tattoo is even worse- it makes them nervous.

4. Drunken tattoos are never a good idea (luckily, most shops will not tattoo an intoxicated person).

5. Proof your tattoo and be absolutely certain before your tattoo session begins. There are no do-overs, and laser removals are pricey.

6. Make sure your tattoo artist knows how to spell, or at least have a dictionary or fairly literate friend nearby.

7. "Is it going to hurt?" Yes. Yes, sticking a needle repeatedly into your skin is going to be a little uncomfortable. The degree of pain changes with every person. The location on your body will also change the degree.

8. Consider the location of your tattoo and how your body might change over time. Ladies, that little heart on your hip might be adorable now, but how will it look on a stretched out, pregnant belly? This can (and probably will) ruin your tattoo.

9. Never refer to your artist as a tattooist. My artist once explained to me that there is a big difference. While an artist can create anything you want, a tattooist just takes any design out of a book and slaps it on you. Calling an artist a tattooist is like calling a brain surgeon a med student.

10. Never EVER piss off your artist...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ink Not Mink

I love Miami Ink! For those of you who don't know, its a show on A&E about a tattoo shop on South Beach. People come from all over the world to get tattooed, tell their story, and get their 15 minutes of fame. Memorial tattoos, first tattoos, "Ami James specials" and etcetera. Anyway- the owner of the shop, Ami James, has launched an animal rights campaign with PETA. The idea is "Ink Not Mink." I fell in love with the idea- I'm always impressed when people can combine their passions, especially when it is for a cause. Just found it interesting. The picture is included- hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Monday, January 28, 2008

UnbelieVable Tattoos

Tattoos are quite possibly the most permanent form of self expression. If you dye your hair, it grows out. Styles change with the times. But tattoos are going to stick with you, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health… Unless of course you opt for laser removal, but that’s almost as expensive as a divorce. Moving on. What if you want that permanent self-expression, but fear the commitment? What if you fear a tattoo would be unacceptable in the professional world? What now?

Get an invisible tattoo.

Sounds ridiculous, right?! Well, it’s not completely invisible. It is a UV tattoo, and can only be seen under a black light. Depending on the location of the tat and the type of skin, there might be a little scarring, but it is usually as inconspicuous as a birthmark or any other scar. You can walk into your office and no one has to see your wild side. The tattoo would show, for instance, when you hit the club, or maybe the bowling alley for some extreme bowling. Or use my solution- purchase a black light keychain (it’s the same idea as a laser pointer or a mini flashlight) and show it off at your discretion. It serves not only as personal expression, but also as a conversation starter. Best of all- your boss, your coworkers and your disapproving grandmother never have to see it...

The UV tattoo is no different than any other tattoo. There are no special tricks or magic potions required. Instead of the typical black or colored ink, the tattoo artist simply uses UV ink. Generally, they are about the same price as any other tattoo, but it all depends on the shop. Not all shops carry UV ink, but most can order it on demand.

A few pictures of my UV tat…

Minutes after the tattoo, 3 weeks later under normal lighting, 3 weeks later under black light

[Potted Meat Will be the Death of My Blog]

Just a quick note of apology for slacking. Apparently, Blogger thinks I am [insert potted meat brand that also doubles as Internet trash], because every time I create a blog, it gets flagged as [aforementioned potted meat] at least once or twice. So, I have been logging my posts on a flash drive this week in hopes that Blogger would be nice and unlock my blog sooner, rather than later. As soon as I am reunited with my flash drive, I will have new posts for your reading enjoyment. Check back soon- I cannot wait to unveil my first post in the weekly "What Were They Thinking" series!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome. Don't Be Freaked Out.

I love everything about tattoos. I love the freedom they represent. Think about it-- if you can dream it up, someone somewhere can slap it on your body forever. Granted, some of them puzzle me, but I still find myself analyzing each tattoo as a work of art. Where was this person when they decided they wanted that on their body forever? Was is spontaneous, or a result of months, maybe years of planning? And my favorite of all-- just how intoxicated were they when they finally bit the bullet and said, "Why yes, I would LOVE for you to etch ink into my skin with that little needle of yours. I think that would be the coolest thing ever!" I couldn't really understand the desire for a tattoo, and then when tattoo fever hit me, I could no longer understand why someone WOULDN'T want a tattoo. And now, I have two. For now. Trust me, they are addictive...

But back on track. My blog is just a look into the tattoo subculture. It is my hope that people everywhere, "inked" or not, can appreciate this blog. And please, tell me if it ever gets boring. I despise boring.

Soon to come: history, styles, trends, and all things tattoo.

Buckle up, boys and girls! We're going on an adventure!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Testing, 1-2-3

Welcome to the wonderful world of tattoo blogging. Thanks for your interest, I hope you never get bored with this site...

More to come later...