Thursday, April 03, 2008

One More Step in the "Disney-fication" of America the Naive

"You Americans think everything is freakin' Disneyland!"

As I chatted with a friend of mine the other day, we discussed how foreigners view Americans. The above is a quote her Puerto Rican friend used to describe us.

It's so true. In America, we like for things to appear wholesome and pure. Everything has a moral and a purpose-- our purpose. Everything makes sense-- to us. It's one endless stroll through "It's a Small World."

Life is not like a Disney movie. But we Americans are sure trying to make it that way. There are towns across the country based on this philosophy. The one that comes to my mind is called Celebration, a town near Disney World in Osceola County, FL. Their motto is "You've Got To See This Place!" No kidding.

In Annapolis, there are people wanting their own little Celebration. There are certain 'town centers' in the works that have the same wholesome (I use this term loosely) look and feel. The people here want to ban tattoo parlours, among other things.

Mr. Middlebrooks, at the request of the Glen Burnie Town Center
AdvisoryCommittee, introduced a measure last month that would ban new tattoo
parlors, billiard halls, arcades and fortune tellers (psychics, palm or tarot
cardreaders and the like) from the county's three town centers.

Apparently, they want to maintain a wholesome, family-friendly image. But as the author of the article asks, who gets to determine what is or isn't wholesome?

Why aren't tattoo parlours wholesome? Look around. 10 to 1, your teacher, your doctor, your lawyer and the lady sitting next to you in church are all sporting tattoos. It is becoming a huge part of culture, and tattoos are being widely accepted. They aren't just for bikers, sailors and convicts anymore.

"You Americans think everything is freakin' Disneyland!"

Well said.


Subversive-Lisa said...

This cracked me because its so true. If it's not Disneyfication it's "Living the Stepford Life". Cookie cutter homes, cars, clothing. Enough to make ya gag.

Patrick Norris said...

Legend has it that any would be transient found anywhere near Celebration is picked up in a white van and dropped off at the nearest police station.

I cannot confirm the validity of this but I have heard it from people residing in O-town more than once.