Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome. Don't Be Freaked Out.

I love everything about tattoos. I love the freedom they represent. Think about it-- if you can dream it up, someone somewhere can slap it on your body forever. Granted, some of them puzzle me, but I still find myself analyzing each tattoo as a work of art. Where was this person when they decided they wanted that on their body forever? Was is spontaneous, or a result of months, maybe years of planning? And my favorite of all-- just how intoxicated were they when they finally bit the bullet and said, "Why yes, I would LOVE for you to etch ink into my skin with that little needle of yours. I think that would be the coolest thing ever!" I couldn't really understand the desire for a tattoo, and then when tattoo fever hit me, I could no longer understand why someone WOULDN'T want a tattoo. And now, I have two. For now. Trust me, they are addictive...

But back on track. My blog is just a look into the tattoo subculture. It is my hope that people everywhere, "inked" or not, can appreciate this blog. And please, tell me if it ever gets boring. I despise boring.

Soon to come: history, styles, trends, and all things tattoo.

Buckle up, boys and girls! We're going on an adventure!

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tina said...

In this blog you mentioned that some tattoos puzzle you. I think the worse tattoos I have seen were on the same person, the first being STUPID on his forehead and the second being F*** OFF on the back of his head. Talking about puzzling?!?!