Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coming Soon: Live Tattoo Blog

Have you ever read a live blog? If not, here's a pretty good example, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan. Basically, a live blog chronicles an event by posting an update every few minutes or so.

I am very pleased to announce that Upon A Living Canvas will feature its very first live blog tomorrow.

Meagan has been wanting to get her first tattoo for quite some time now. Thursday evening, she will finally fulfill the wish. I am so excited that Meagan has invited me to tag along, and also agreed to let me live blog and share her experience with my readers.

Unfortunatly, there is no Wifi in the tattoo parlour, but I will take notes, and post the blog as soon as I get home. I had hoped there would be Wifi so I could truly post as it happened, but this will have to do.

Check back Thursday evening for the step by step explanation of Meagan's first tattoo! Maybe even pictures and video...

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