Friday, March 21, 2008

The Tattoo Stars Are Not In Our Favor... Yet

Okay, I'm very disappointed that I am not sitting down to fill you in on all the details of Meagan's tattoo. I was so pumped about the whole ordeal. I was waiting all day... no, all WEEK!

6:57pm. Meagan and I arrive at the tattoo parlour. She's admittedly more than a little nervous. It's her first tattoo, and fear of the unknown is to be expected. After all, someone will soon be poking her with a tiny needle over and over and ove again. It's a little scary.

7:01pm. We walk into Peter-Tat-2, the studio on US-41 Meagan has chosen. The air is thick with anticipation, excitement, and sterilization. It smells a bit like a hospital. That's generaly a good sign. On a side note, if you ever walk into a tattoo parlour that is not as clean as a doctor's office, get out. Choose another studio that IS clean. This is really important. If your instinct tells you it's not up to par, leave. You can easily contract an infection (or MUCH worse) in an unclean tattoo parlour.

7:03pm. We are greeted by a short guy with at least several dozen tattoos. That makes sense. "Can I help you?" Meagan explains that she wants a tattoo, and hands him the paper with her own personal artwork. "This is what I want."

"Okay. The earliest I can do it will be tomorrow."

What?! But we want it NOW! We have fought anticipation and anxiety. We've been looking forward to this. You can't just copy that baby and slap it on a stencil?!

Apparently not.

7:04pm. We decide Monday evening will work best for both of us. Meagan sets the appointment and we walk out, heads and shoulders drooping in disappointment.

We chat for a moment, then part ways. At least Monday works. Now we just have to wait a few more days...

Bear with me. Monday evening at 6pm, we will be back at Peter-Tat-2. If all goes well, Meagan will get her tattoo then, and I will video it for your viewing pleasure. Check back Monday evening for all the details-- hopefully live!


Meagan Mason said...

I love the drama you have in this post. It really helps your readers know how we felt. Haha.

XeviousTheGreat said...

Correction: Find a tattoo shop CLEANER than a doctors office. You can anlways get more disgustingness at doctor's offices, dentists and hospitals than you will EVER find in a good tattoo shop.