Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello, Again. I've Missed You So.

Ok, I convinced myelf I was going to take the week off. I was on vacation, for goodness sakes, I needed to act like it. I tried to limit my time at the computer in favor of time outdoors being active. But I must admit, I've missed blogging.

Now, I have returned, and I am on a mission. Well, two missions, actually.

Mission #1-
I intend to post quite regularly now. My readers should be able to expect some sort of consistency. My goal as of now is to post at least 3 times each week. Wish me luck!

Mission #2-
I'm going to try my hand at live blogging. So, what am I going to live blog about? My first thought was to get a new tattoo and blog about it. However, I just got my latest tattoo two months ago, and I'm not so sure I'm ready for my third. But the live tattoo blog still sticks with me as a pretty cool idea. Some people have no experience in a tattoo shop, and this would be a nifty way to make it very real for them.

So here's the idea. Are any of you (preferably in the Central or Southwest parts of Florida) planning on getting some new ink in the next few weeks? If so, does the thought of me tagging along and recording the whole experience for the entire internet to read excite you?

Would LOVE some feedback on this one...

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