Saturday, February 02, 2008

10 Things I've Learned in a Tattoo Shop...

1. Never piss off someone who is going to stick you with a needle and permanently alter your body. Not a good idea.

2. If you cry while getting your tattoo, they WILL pick on you.

3. Laughing while getting your tattoo is even worse- it makes them nervous.

4. Drunken tattoos are never a good idea (luckily, most shops will not tattoo an intoxicated person).

5. Proof your tattoo and be absolutely certain before your tattoo session begins. There are no do-overs, and laser removals are pricey.

6. Make sure your tattoo artist knows how to spell, or at least have a dictionary or fairly literate friend nearby.

7. "Is it going to hurt?" Yes. Yes, sticking a needle repeatedly into your skin is going to be a little uncomfortable. The degree of pain changes with every person. The location on your body will also change the degree.

8. Consider the location of your tattoo and how your body might change over time. Ladies, that little heart on your hip might be adorable now, but how will it look on a stretched out, pregnant belly? This can (and probably will) ruin your tattoo.

9. Never refer to your artist as a tattooist. My artist once explained to me that there is a big difference. While an artist can create anything you want, a tattooist just takes any design out of a book and slaps it on you. Calling an artist a tattooist is like calling a brain surgeon a med student.

10. Never EVER piss off your artist...


Monica DiDonato said...

I have a tattoo, and everyone who saw it asked me if it hurt. It's on the side of my body by my ribs, and its apparently the WORST place to get a tattoo. It was probably the worst pain I've ever experienced, haha.

Natalie said...

Wow.....laughing while you're getting a tattoo. Isn't that kinda hard. Of course I don't know how it feels but I just thought it would hurt. Wow though, you new one is really sweet. Ya know, Tim has one on the side of his ribs, in reference to what that other girl posted, and he said it hurt pretty bad too. I bet that is one of the worst places. Cool blogs though. See ya

R.C. Price said...

As someone considering getting one, these are handy things to know.

Subversive Me said...

Tats rock and I am so ready for one more. Well maybe two more. Location though? Inner thigh? Front shoulder? I want to be able to easily see my next piece of bodyart. Does it hurt? Duh!