Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Were They Thinking? Installment 2

Okay, its one thing to permanently alter your own body with something strange. As I have said before, its your body- do as you will. But this person took it just a little too far...

No wonder the dog is missing- she probably ran away!!

No way. I can't accept this one. That's just WRONG! On many levels, too. First, we have the obvious- dogs don't want tattoos. As we've discussed before, tattoos aren't entirely pleasant. Even though the owner claims the dog was under anesthesia at the time, I don't buy the fact that this dog felt absolutely nothing. Once a tattoo is completed, you can't touch it, and it has to scab up and peel off (not attractive at all, my apologies) before it is healed. I highly doubt the dog listened and obeyed when her owner said, "Don't lick your tattoo, puppy. Don't get it dirty. It could get infected." Please. But beyond the physical, the tattoo itself frustrates me even more. Hello KITTY on a DOG??? It would be like Superman tattooing a portrait of Lex Luther on his bicep. Its just disturbing. I bet she gets picked on by all the other dogs at the park.

What were they thinking?!


R.C. Price said...

That poor dog! I dope they don't get her back!

Christine M said...

The fact that the man said on the flyer that he put the dog under anesthesia is just hilarious. Evidently no one told him the importance of keeping things short and sweet.