Saturday, February 16, 2008

For The Love of Ink, Please Consult a Dictionary First

This post could be considered part of my "What Were They Thinking" series, but with a twist. See, I like to call this one "Why Wasn't He Thinking?" And before I proceed, I will (reluctantly) confess that the topic of discussion here happens to be a family member. So I am allowed to poke fun- and I am extending the same permission to all of you devoted readers. Can I call you all family? I'd really like that.

Anyway- I mentioned in a previous post that you should always do a quick spell check before you get a tattoo. You really don't want the embarassment and/or regret of having a permanent typo on your body. Tattoo machines don't come with erasers or a backspace button.
That being said, carefully examine the picture below. Can you spot the 3 spelling errors?

Freinds. Straind. Surley.
Wow. I cannot stress the importance of double checking your tattoo stencil before the tattoo begins. You don't want to end up in my "What Were They Thinking" series, now do you?


Mike Pena said...

Hahaha, this is pretty hysterical. OOPS! Must suck to have that on you forever for the world to laugh at.

R.C. Price said...

Is it the old English spelling? (crossing fingers and hoping)

eugenia said...

Well, I have a friend who's ex boyfriend decided to get her name tattood on his neck. After they broke up. Sort of last ditch attempt to show her some sort of commitment? The whole situation seemed really awkward to me. But to top it off, her name was spelled wrong. They never got back together.